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Trattoria San Nicola
Paoli, PA
"Fine Italian Dining on the Main Line."
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Delectable is the only online reservation
application with integrated email marketing
and no per cover reservation fees.

Unlimited reservations

Simple, all-in-one pricing

Secure SSL cloud data storage

Real-time email campaign results

No per cover fees

No long term contracts

Access from anywhere

Use your existing hardware

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What you get with Delectable:

Unlimited Reservations

Fill your tables with online reservations from anywhere. Simple, all-in-one pricing means that your costs will be the same every month no matter how many online reservations you seat.

Floor Management

See what's happening at a glance. View your upcoming reservations, available seating, cover counts by server, and waitlist all from one screen.

Email Campaigns

Send beautiful email newsletters and special offers to your VIPs while tracking the results in real time with our integrated email marketing application. See an actual email.

"Switching to Delectable was effortless and it’s a relief
not having to worry about per cover fees."

– Cristina Giannandrea, co-owner Trattoria San Nicola


Seating Management

Delectable allows restaurants to have their floor plan exactly match their table layout. The main Seating screen shows tables, guests, upcoming reservations and server status all on one page. Reservations and tables can be clicked to display drill-down information and can also be dragged and dropped to easily assign customers to tables.

Flexible Reservations

Just like the traditional reservation book, all of the reservations in Delectable (either online or in-house) can be viewed, arranged and edited using the traditional Reservation Book view. Reservations can be moved, resized, swapped and changed in almost any way imaginable. The Reservations page can help you get the most out of any night.

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing

Build, schedule and track responses for email marketing campaigns. Delectable lets you upload your own images and use our pre-defined templates to quickly put together professional email marketing. Email bounces, unsubscribes, clicks and open tracking happens automatically. There’s no need to keep a separate email list since Delectable Email Campaigns are integrated directly with your customer list.

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